Weekly Summer Activity Series for June 3rd-7th : Dinosaur Discoverer. Make a Cave


cardboard box cave

This is a great activity for the young and old child.  A simple box opens up a world of imagination and possibility.  Provide a small box of various “explorer” items such as a magnifier glass, binoculars, flashlights, sleeping bags, a couple of scientific dinosaur books, whatever you can think of to encourage imagination play.

What You Need:

~A refrigerator box (call and ask the local home improvemt store or appliance store if they can hold one for you.  I have done this many times in the past and they are always free!)

~Brown paper sacks from the grocery store.  If you ask a young clerk for them, they are usually pretty giving.  You can also buy brown paper rolls from the dollar store (what you would pack a box in)

~Dinosaurs, colored and cut out of paper, cardboard, card stock….. (optional)

~Green construction paper, to make leaves and grass (optional)

~Hot glue gun (12+)

~Box knife (adults only)

~Clear packing tape

What You Do:

1.  Using the packing tape, attach the flaps of the box.

2.  Take a box cutter and make an upside down U shape on one of the long sides.

3.  Cut open the paper bags, and crumple them.  Open them back up, and crumple them again.

4.  Open the bags up and attach them to your box, so they look like rocks.  I used packing tape between the box and the paper bags to get it to hold.  Then I secured the edges with a line of hot glue.

5.  Repeat the process until the entire box is covered with the paper bags.

6.  If you like you can decorate the outside with dinosaur cutouts or vines and leaves.  Or you can just leave it plain.

7.  Put some pillows and blankets in there, and get ready for imaginations to really open!

I will make this by myself the night before the activity.  And place dinosaur foot print cut outs on the floor, that will lead the kids to the cave.  Inside I put a few flashlights, some dinosaur cutouts on the inside, sleeping bags and some stuffed animal dinosaurs.  Even my 12 year old loves this activity.


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